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Header request?


I would like to request a Buffy/Angel header. Header
Size: 600x450
Border: no straight lines, but if its seems that some parts are shred/burned …
Pics (URLs): Could you make a passionate blend of some these pics, find the ones you think that fit the most.A header that screams passion! And the love of B&A

Color Scheme: several different colours of Red, just see what fits the pictures...passionate colours that fit the pictures and text.

Text: Angelic's Heaven (at the top ( in Red))
On the header: Take me in your arms.The crime is done, I'd rather die here in your Screams of passion. The screams of passion.
Hand me that love. I would die for you.Without passion we’d be dead!

Font ( or reg. font):something Passionate and Red

Font size (Lg.Med.Sm.): Medium

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